The French Law for a Digital Republic of October 7, 2016 (Law No. 2016-1321) provides for open data of court decisions, i.e. the free availability to the public of all decisions of justice.

However, since this law, the situation has progressed little and no publication schedule has emerged.

The file is indeed complex, with many issues relating in particular to:

  • the tools and technical investments to be made
  • protection of the privacy and personal data of litigants
  • protection of the names of magistrates

On pressure from the Council of State, the schedule for making them available to the public was unveiled on April 28, 2021 by decree. The dates are as follows:

September 30, 2021Council of State and Court of Cassation
March 31, 2022Administrative appeal courts
April 30, 2022Courts of appeal (civil, commercial and social litigation)
June 30, 2022Administrative courts
June 30, 2023Labor courts
December 31, 2024Commercial courts and first-degree jurisdictions in infringement and tort matters
September 30, 2025Courts of law
December 31, 2025Courts of Appeal (in matters of contravention, tort and decisions in criminal matters)

Almost 10 years will have passed until it was made available to the public …

Decree of April 28, 2021 made in application of article 9 of decree #2020-797 of June 29, 2020 relating to making available to the public the decisions of the judicial and administrative courts